Cutrona Resolutionary Services offers a variety of conflict resolution related workshops specially designed to meet your organization's unique needs.

Mediation Orientation

A one-hour introduction to mediation, its benefits, mediator styles, where to find a mediator, and how it compares to other dispute resolution processes. This can be offered as a Lunch & Learn at your place of business.

Cheryl is very knowledgeable and I can know, because I basically took every training she has offered so far. She is not just knowledgeable, but also understands what her trainees need and how to teach them. She is focused on her group and their needs. As a mediator, Cheryl is very experienced and engaged. She uses the tools that she teaches in her trainings. I love working with her, and learning from her. She is a huge inspiration.

Hanne Wulp, JD

Mediator Training

A 32-hour workshop designed to prepare you to be a facilitative-style mediator.

Family Mediation Training

A 40-hour mediator training approved by the Association for Conflict Resolution Academy of Family Mediators that meets the requirements of the PA Court Rules regarding custody mediation.

Conflict Assessment & Process Design

A 24-hour workshop that teaches how to determine what process best suits a group's needs; (2) the difference between multiparty mediation and group facilitation processes; (3) how to set the stage for success; (4) facilitator skills and techniques; and (5) dealing with difficult participants.

Parenting Coordination

A 24-hour course designed to provide all the requirements of the PA Court Rule for Parenting Coordinators in one workshop, including 10 hours of mediation, 5 hours of parenting coordination and 5 hours of domestic violence education. It also includes ethical and legal considerations of serving as a Parenting Coordinator.

Conflict Resolution Education

This workshop can be customized to meet your organization's needs. It can include topics such as communication, conflict management, interest-based (principled) negotiation, a six-step process for addressing conflicts, and what to do when you can't resolve it on your own (brief orientation to mediation, conflict coaching and other dispute resolution processes).

Preparing your Client for Mediation

This workshop is designed for attorneys who are new to Alternative Dispute Resolution processes. It includes topics such as deciding if mediation is right for your client; choosing a mediator; educating your client; working effectively with the mediator; and ethical considerations. It can be offered as a Lunch & Learn at your firm.