Be the Resolution
You Want to See

Be a resolutionary.

Cutrona Resolutionary Services offers mediation, conflict coaching, other dispute resolution services, training and consulting in the Philadelphia area.

What is a Resolutionary?

  • A Resolutionary is one who seeks positive and fair outcomes.
  • Resolutionary thinkers build a culture of collaboration, working together to spark solutions for mutual gain.
  • Resolutionaries pursue solutions that reconcile needs.

Mediation & Training Services

  • Mediation
    Resolving disputes with the help of a third-party, neutral mediator
  • Multiparty Mediation
    Mediation situations involving three or more parties, groups or organizations
  • Group Facilitation
    Make your meetings less difficult and more productive with an experienced, neutral facilitator
  • Conflict Coaching
    A one-on-one process designed to help an individual gain a deeper understanding of the conflict they are experiencing
  • Restorative Practices
    Improve and repair relationships that have been damaged
  • Training & Consulting
    A variety of conflict resolution related workshops customized to meet your group's needs
Group in a mediation session